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January is such a fun month at The Homestead because it is career month!! This month we will be exploring various careers and duties of those careers. We will be having some parents come into our school to share with us details about their jobs. In addition, we will be going on a few walking field trips to some local businesses. At the school, our playroom is being changed to include some exciting new play areas associated with career month.

Parents, make sure you check the calendar that was sent home for when specific career speakers are coming and when the walking field trips are.

CAREER MONTH SPEAKERS: Some examples of who will be coming in: firefighter, elevator mechanic, nurse, ski instructor, fitness instructor, electrician, photographer, engineer!

HOMESTEAD POST OFFICE: As part of our career month, we are going to have a post office set up in our school. Students will be writing letters to others students and family members are welcome to send a letter to their child at school! (Please limit the mail to 1-2 letters per student)

PIZZA CHEFS: On January 22 and 23, we are going to become pizza chefs and students will be making their own pizzas. We will be getting individual pizza crusts and ingredients from Papa Murphy’s.  Students do not need to pack a lunch that day!

JOB CHART: As part of our community helper/career month, our 4-5 year class will be creating their own Homestead jobs at school. Each student will take part in doing a daily/weekly job which include: feeding Lily, watering plants, wiping tables, and collecting garbage.