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Homestead Giving Tree

  • Calendar iconDecember 5, 2015
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Our giving tree is on the front desk of the school. Feel free to take a tag and bring the gift back to the school UNWRAPPED by Wednesday, December 16. We will place all giving tree gifts under our tree. A volunteer firefighter will come collect the gifts and talk to the students about the difference they will make.

This year we will be giving our gifts to Portland Fire & Rescue Toy & Joy Makers. Toy & Joy Makers mission for 100 years has been to promote the spirit of helping children and families of our community during the holiday season. Toy & Joy Makers helps the needs of low-income families in the Portland area to give their children toys for Christmas so that no child goes without receiving gifts for Christmas.

For further information, check out the Portland Fire & Rescue Toy & Joy Makers website.