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2017 Summer Camp Info

  • Calendar iconMarch 12, 2016
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Please join us this summer for weeks of backyard fun!! We will have 4 individual weeks of science, nature exploration, cooking and art. Students will use our indoor and outdoor space, as well as go on nature walks and explore our neighborhood.

Summer camp ages are 3-6 years old (going into 1st grade)

Camp days are 9:00am – 1:00pm

You may enroll for individual weeks OR for all 4!

July 10-July 14: NATURE ART EXPLORATION: Students will explore the nature that surrounds us by spending our time outdoors. Taking walks around our neighborhood and hiking through the Reed College Canyon. We will discover ways in which we can combine art wit nature by using a variety of art elements. Students will also spend time gardening, building teepee and learning about outdoor safety.

July 17-July 21: COOKING WITH KIDS:Students will help in cooking some of our favorite recipes, making jams, drying fruit and eating from our garden. 

July 24-July 28: STORYTELLING WITH WORD ELF (AGES 4-6 ONLY): Join Caitlin and her magical friend, the word elf (an invisible elf that loves words) on a journey to learn new words, new storytelling forms and new adventures! Each morning we’ll travel to The Magical World of Fan, where we will discover clues left by the work elf that introduce storytelling games and activities. Storytelling forms include red-nose Clowning, movement and improvisation. At the end of each day, the word elf brings students a word of the day. The word of the day activity page encourages students to practice writing their word, identify their word in a story, an includes an interactive activity. At the end of the camp, students will present a showcase of the stories they’ve created and the games they’ve learned to family and friends. www.ensotheater.com  

July 31-August 4: MUSIC: Students will explore various fundamentals of basic piano, rhythm, beats, and movement. We will also explore music through art, by making musical instruments and listening to different types of music

Call: 503-970-7168

Email: keli@thehomesteadschoolhouse.com

Pick-up: during drop-off or pick-up from school