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April Newsletter

  • Calendar iconApril 9, 2019
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Throughout the month of March, we will be studying various types of weather. Students will be participating in science activities related to wind, various types of clouds, and we will make a tornado bottle. Our dramatic play area will include a meteorologist section, where students can pretend to be a “weatherman”. Students will learn how to do a rain dance and make mud pies.

Mad Scientist: In-Class Field Trip

We are excited to have the Mad-Scientist visiting our Pre-k classes. Thursday, April 18 and Friday, April 19.

Pre-k: Adventures In Air

Learn that even though air is invisible, it is all around you all the time. Learn that air has the power to both move and slow things down. Experiment with things that rely on air to help them move.

Pancake Breakfast

We will be having our annual student pancake breakfast at school on Thursday and Friday, April 25 & 26. Students will help make the pancake batter and they can choose from blueberry, banana or a plain pancake. Please feed our child breakfast, as we will not be eating pancakes until about 10:00.

Garden News

Our garden beds are ready for planting. Students will start planting seeds and will put them in our greenhouse and watch them grow!

Happy Spring!!!