Music Program | The Homestead Schoolhouse

Music Program

Bjorn Rowberg is the music teacher at the Homestead Schoolhouse, and the owner and head instructor or Tabor Music. Bjorn has a passion for early childhood music education, and has over 10 years experience teaching piano to children and adults. He holds a Bachelor’s degree and a Master’s degree in music from the University of Arizona.

Bjorn focuses on the most prominent and important aspects of early music education, which include rhythm, pulse, melody, singing, music theory, the musical alphabet and piano. He uses a lot of teaching aids such as xylophones, bells, drums, puppets, etc. to assist learning and to make learning music fun. New songs are taught that reinforce new concepts and principles.

We have a new music room downstairs at the Annex, with a piano and several other instruments. It’s a great space for dancing and movement. Our 4-5 year olds are in music class every week and our 3-4 year olds visit Bjorn every other week.