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April Newsletter

  • Calendar iconApril 9, 2019
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Throughout the month of March, we will be studying various types of weather. Students will be participating in science activities related to wind, various types of clouds, and we will make a tornado bottle. Our dramatic play area will include a meteorologist section, where students can pretend to be a “weatherman”. Students will learn how to do a rain dance and make mud pies.

Mad Scientist: In-Class Field Trip

We are excited to have the Mad-Scientist visiting our Pre-k classes. Thursday, April 18 and Friday, April 19.

Pre-k: Adventures In Air

Learn that even though air is invisible, it is all around you all the time. Learn that air has the power to both move and slow things down. Experiment with things that rely on air to help them move.

Pancake Breakfast

We will be having our annual student pancake breakfast at school on Thursday and Friday, April 25 & 26. Students will help make the pancake batter and they can choose from blueberry, banana or a plain pancake. Please feed our child breakfast, as we will not be eating pancakes until about 10:00.

Garden News

Our garden beds are ready for planting. Students will start planting seeds and will put them in our greenhouse and watch them grow!

Happy Spring!!!

March Newsletter

  • Calendar iconMarch 4, 2019
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Read Across America

March 2nd is Dr. Suess’ Birthday! Throughout the month of March, we will be honoring him by reading Dr. Suess books and talking about the love of reading. We will also be having one of our favorite snacks, “Green Eggs and Ham”.

Volunteer Readers

For “Read Across America” month, we are opening up the last 15 min. of each day for a parent, grandparent, or family friend to come and read a favorite book to the class.

Getting our Garden ready

Spring is just around the corner! This is the time of year when we begin to prepare our garden beds to get ready for planting. In March, students will be deciding which vegetables they would like to plant this year. We will be mapping out the beds to plant in and how to make the most of our growing space, with student input. We are very excited to begin using our greenhouse as well!

Summer Camp

Our summer camps will run 4 individual weeks, M-F, 9:00am – 1:00pm and are open to ALL kids ages 3-6

Registration for 2019-2020

We still have spaces available in all age groups for next year!

February Newsletter

  • Calendar iconFebruary 17, 2019
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This month we are studying fairy tales. We will be reading several different fairy tales, but focusing on three main ones:

  • The Three Little Pigs
  • Goldilocks and the Three Bears
  • Jack and the Beanstalk

As part of our unit, we will be reading several varieties of these fairy tales and making Venn Diagrams to compare the stories. Students will also be doing fun art projects associated with the fairy tales. Part of our free play room has transformed into the 3 Little Pigs houses, a castle, and we have a lot of fun dress up clothes for princesses and princes.

Valentine’s Day Party

All students are invited to exchange valentines. Please be sure they bring enough valentines for each classmate. Students will be making valentine mail pouches to keep their cards in at the time of our valentine exchange. During our day, we will have a special valentine snack and play friendship games.

Chinese New Year

The first week of February, we will be celebrating Chinese New Year. Students will be making Chinese art, eating Chinese snacks, and watching a video of a Chinese New Year parade.

Annex Outdoor Play Area

We are so happy that our outdoor play area is coming together at the Annex. The students immediately started plaing in the bark chip area with our stumps, balancing rocks and bridge. Their imaginations are running wild! Thank you to Jory Moran for taking his time to help build and install the bridge!

Congratulations Ms. Karina!

Ms Karina recently graduated from Mt. Hood Community College with her Early Childhood Education Degree. She has been working so hard and her passion for working with children is so evident. Congrats!

June Newsletter

This month we will be preparing the students for summer break. Part of this will include; debriefing our year together, and recognizing the value of the friendships we’ve made and all that we have learned.

We will also be discussing how to stay safe over the summertime. This includes bike safety, swim safety and sun safety.

Ice Cream Field Trip: As a graduation celebration, M/W/F students will take turns walking to Cloud City Ice Cream with Ms. Keli on June 12th.

Camp Homestead: During our last week of school, we will be heading off to “Camp Homestead”. We will be spending the majority of our class time outdoors making camp crafts, reading stories in tents, tie-dying shirts, eating hotdogs and even making smores! Students will participate in camp games, sing camp songs and have fun in water play. Please bring a plain white t-shirt to tie-dye.

June Tuition/Material Fee: Just a reminder that June tuition is a full month’s tuition (yearly tuition divided into 10 equal monthly payments). The material fee for the 2017-2018 is due Sept. 1. 2017-18 school year information for returning students will be sent out this month.

Summer Camps: We still have space in our summer camps! Please help spread the word to family or friends that would like to join a camp.

Annex Open House: Our new location, The Homestead Annex, is nearly complete. We are having an open house for enrollment on Saturday, June 10, 2:00pm-4:00pm. Please pass this information on to any family or friends that are interested in enrolling their student at The Homestead. We are excited to have more options and availability!

End of the Year BBQ: We are looking forward to our end of the year BBQ, as we celebrate our school year. The students have chosen some of their favorite songs to share with you. This will be a potluck both nights. We will provide hamburgers and Otto’s hotdogs on the the grill. Please bring a side dish to share.

Homestead Graduation: Our graduation night will be on June 9 for our M/W/F class only.

Tuesday/Thursday class BBQ is Thursday June 8th, 6-8pm


Colin, Elise, Torrance, Phoebe, Zoe, Sydney, Olivia, Coraline, Gwen, Sunday, Henry, Eli, Audrey, Lucy and Bram

April Newsletter

  • Calendar iconApril 7, 2016
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This month we will be studying different types of weather. We will become weather forecasters in our dramatic play area, with a US map and weather cards. We will discuss how the weather is different in other parts of the United States. Our dramatic play area will also include seasonal dress-up bins and a light table. We will also be experimenting with wind through wind exploration activities.

In Class Field Trip: We will have a visit from Mad Scientist on Tuesday April 19 and Wednesday April 20 at 10:30am

Pancake Breakfast: We will be having our annual student pancake breakfast at school on Tuesday and Wednesday April 12 & 13. Students will help make the pancake batter and they can choose from blueberry, banana, or a plain pancake. Please feed your child breakfast as we will not be eating pancakes until about 9:45am.

Nature Walk: During school on Wednesday and Thursday April 6 & 7 we will be taking nature walks

No School Friday April 8: Teacher work day

Plant Sale: Order forms for our plant sale will be coming out in April and plants will be back around early May. We will have a variety of flowers to choose from, including our amazing hanging baskets.

Rummage Sale:  We have set a date for our annual rummage sale. The sale will take place on Friday May 6 and Saturday May 7. Clean-up will be on Sunday morning, May 8th. Please continue to drop items off at any time. If you need Kiley to come and get larger items, please let us know. Also, a volunteer schedule will be on the front desk this month.

Extended School Year: We will be following the PPS school schedule and adding two more days to our school year, due to our snow days. The last day of school will be Thursday June 9!


2017 Summer Camp Info

  • Calendar iconMarch 12, 2016
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Please join us this summer for weeks of backyard fun!! We will have 4 individual weeks of science, nature exploration, cooking and art. Students will use our indoor and outdoor space, as well as go on nature walks and explore our neighborhood.

Summer camp ages are 3-6 years old (going into 1st grade)

Camp days are 9:00am – 1:00pm

You may enroll for individual weeks OR for all 4!

July 10-July 14: NATURE ART EXPLORATION: Students will explore the nature that surrounds us by spending our time outdoors. Taking walks around our neighborhood and hiking through the Reed College Canyon. We will discover ways in which we can combine art wit nature by using a variety of art elements. Students will also spend time gardening, building teepee and learning about outdoor safety.

July 17-July 21: COOKING WITH KIDS:Students will help in cooking some of our favorite recipes, making jams, drying fruit and eating from our garden. 

July 24-July 28: STORYTELLING WITH WORD ELF (AGES 4-6 ONLY): Join Caitlin and her magical friend, the word elf (an invisible elf that loves words) on a journey to learn new words, new storytelling forms and new adventures! Each morning we’ll travel to The Magical World of Fan, where we will discover clues left by the work elf that introduce storytelling games and activities. Storytelling forms include red-nose Clowning, movement and improvisation. At the end of each day, the word elf brings students a word of the day. The word of the day activity page encourages students to practice writing their word, identify their word in a story, an includes an interactive activity. At the end of the camp, students will present a showcase of the stories they’ve created and the games they’ve learned to family and friends.  

July 31-August 4: MUSIC: Students will explore various fundamentals of basic piano, rhythm, beats, and movement. We will also explore music through art, by making musical instruments and listening to different types of music

Call: 503-970-7168


Pick-up: during drop-off or pick-up from school


March Newsletter

  • Calendar iconMarch 12, 2016
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It’s hard to believe that it’s already March and that Spring is just around the corner. This month we will be studying ocean life. The students are really looking forward to this as we have already begun working on our sea life mural. Our library is full of ocean life books and our free play room has been transformed into an underwater oasis with a scuba diving area and a shipwrecked boat.

We have some very fun things coming up…

Spring Break:  There is no school March 21-25 for Spring Break

Getting Our Garden Ready: This is the time of year when we begin to prepare our garden beds to get ready for planting. In March, students will be deciding which vegetables they would like to plant this year. We will be mapping out the beds to plant in and how to make the most of our growing space. We are very excited to begin using our greenhouse as well!

Rummage Sale: We are beginning to think about our annual rummage sale at the schoolhouse in May. Dates are to be determined. You may begin bringing in donation items anytime and Kiley will be available to pick-up larger items.

St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations: Students are encouraged to wear green on Wednesday March 16 and Thursday March 17. We will be using green crayons, markers, play-dough and even having a green snack with green milk.

Read Across America: Throughout the month of March we will be honoring Dr. Suess by reading Dr. Suess books and talking about the love of reading. We are opening up the last 15 minutes of class each day for a parent, grandparent or family friend to come and read a Dr. Suess book to the class. There is a sign-up calendar on the front desk.

Registration for 2016-2017: Thank you to everyone who turned in the enrollment form for next year. Our open houses were successful! We are still enrolling students for our 2-3 year old class on T/Th from 1:30-4:00. Space is limited! Please pass on this information to friends, neighbors and family.


Homestead Giving Tree

  • Calendar iconDecember 5, 2015
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Screen Shot 2015-12-05 at 9.13.12 AM

Our giving tree is on the front desk of the school. Feel free to take a tag and bring the gift back to the school UNWRAPPED by Wednesday, December 16. We will place all giving tree gifts under our tree. A volunteer firefighter will come collect the gifts and talk to the students about the difference they will make.

This year we will be giving our gifts to Portland Fire & Rescue Toy & Joy Makers. Toy & Joy Makers mission for 100 years has been to promote the spirit of helping children and families of our community during the holiday season. Toy & Joy Makers helps the needs of low-income families in the Portland area to give their children toys for Christmas so that no child goes without receiving gifts for Christmas.

For further information, check out the Portland Fire & Rescue Toy & Joy Makers website. 

The Original Pumpkin Patch FieldTrip

  • Calendar iconOctober 19, 2015
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When:  Tuesday, October 20

Time:  10:00 arrival time
10:15- group picture in front of the BIG RED BARN
10:15-11:00- Self-guided tour to the animal barn, hay stack, produce store and gift shop.
11:15- Hayride to the pumpkin field
12:00- Picnic lunch

Where:  The Original Pumpkin Patch
16511 NW Gillihan Rd.
Portland, Oregon 97231

Cost:  Each student’s cost is covered.  Parents and chaperones are FREE and siblings (2+ age) is $5.00.  Please pay Ms. Keli before the tour begins.

Self-Guided Tour From 10:15-11:00, you may tour the animal barn, go to the haystack, and see the produce store and the gift shop.  I suggest you group up with other families in your child’s class.   The teachers will have a scavenger hunt sheet made up if you would like to grab one from us when you arrive.

Hayride:  This is our only scheduled tour.  We need to meet in front of the tent near the BIG RED BARN promptly at 11:10.  Our wagon ride leaves at 11:15.  The wagon will take us on a brief tour and out to the pumpkin patch, where students and paying siblings can pick a pumpkin.  This is about a 25 minute tour.

Lunch:  The shared-lunch space is on a first come-first serve basis.  Their main shared lunch area is a covered building with straw bales for seating.  There are no tables.  There is also a picnic area on the lawn by the farm entrance.  If you are planning to stay for lunch, we will have to see which area is available when we get there.  Pack a lunch if you would like to join us for a picnic lunch.  The plan is to eat around 12:00, after the hayride.

Dress:  We should have nice weather, but have your child wear boots and appropriate pumpkin patch attire.  It is still muddy!  WEAR YOUR HOMESTEAD SHIRTS!!

The Giant Corn Maize:  The corn maize is also an activity you can do, but you must pay for it.  Adults are $7.00 and kids (5 and under) are FREE.  I would plan to do this after lunch if you want to.  They give group/field trip discounts, so be sure to mention you are with The Homestead.

Directions From Portland, take Hwy 30 West to Sauvie Island Bridge.  Cross over the bridge then TURN LEFT ANDN LOOP BACK UNDER THE BRIDGE.  Go approximately 2 miles and look for The Pumpkin Patch sign with their logo and the BIG RED ANIMAL BARN.  They are located just past Bella Organic Farm.

Please keep this information and take it with you on your drive, so you can remember the times!