About Us | The Homestead Schoolhouse

About The Homestead Schoolhouse


At The Homestead Schoolhouse, we value:

  • math

    A safe, nurturing, and stimulating environment, and flexible, adaptable curriculum based on both teacher and child initiated themes and activities.

  • Structured and unstructured activities that take advantage of “teachable moments”.
  • The developmental milestones, so children can practice newly acquired skills as well as having a chance to work at their individual capacity.
  • Students, family members, and teachers as necessary links in providing a positive learning experience. Parent and teacher communication is extremely important to us.
  • Good, clean, safe environments. Natural light, plants, lamps, comfortable chairs, and plenty of materials in the classroom are all part of ensuring that a child feels comfortable and ready to learn.
  • Constructivist approaches, as students are able to create new understandings of how things work and they are able to expand their thinking as they find a number of ways to solve a particular problem or explore various ideas. By using a constructivist style, this also allows students the opportunity to teach one another.
  • Multicultural education, as it encourages children to respect and value the diversity in the classroom and in the local and global communities.
  • The creation of life-long learners by instilling in children, as young as preschool, a true LOVE FOR LEARNING.

Daily goals for our children:

  • Gain confidence and develop at their own rate
  • Express freely and creatively with art, play materials, and activities
  • Learn to embrace, create, cooperate, and imagine
  • Value independence- to solve problems and accomplish tasks themselves
  • Acknowledge interdependence- feel pride in cooperation, and contribute to something larger than themselves
  • Develop close relationships other than family members
  • Learn impulse control regarding safety, health and respect for the rights of others
  • Build feelings of self-confidence, security, and acceptance of reality
  • Increase their ability to understand their own emotions

Goals for Staff and Families:

  • Share child’s first experiences away from home
  • Become aware of the ways children perceive their world and develop a deeper understanding of their behavior, based on knowledge of growth and development
  • Achieve a partnership through daily communication, group discussions, conferences, and shared experiences
  • Continually learn new techniques for working with children through participation and by observing experienced professionals